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Carol E. Mann, DMD | Procedures in South Orange

Carol E. Mann, DMD

Endodontics | Root Canal Therapy

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Endodontics / Root Canal  Therapy

Endodontics is the science of treating problems with the tissue inside the tooth. That tissue is commonly called the nerve or pulp. The nerve is what forms the tooth. Once the tooth is formed the nerve has completed its function. It remains in the tooth unless it is disturbed by trauma, decay, or periodontal disease. The endodontist removes the remnants of the nerve and cleans out the space where the nerve was. Then a root canal filling is placed in that space. The patient then returns to their general dentist for the final restoration of the tooth.

Root Canal Retreatment

Root canal therapy is a highly successful procedure but occasionly for various reasons a retreatment must be done in order to save the tooth. Dr. Mann will discuss with you the reasons why this may need to be done and the alternatives.

Cracked Teeth

A common problem that is difficult to diagnose is what dentists called cracked tooth syndrome. Nothing appears on the x-ray and the patient and doctor are perplexed about what is going on. These cracks are usually microscopic in their presentation so they are difficult to see.

With our dental microscope and our 3D Cone beam scanner we are more easily able to diagnose and treat affected teeth.

Traumatic Injuries

Accidents happen. Hopefully these accidents will not include a trauma to your teeth. If they do please seek an evaluation from an endodontist or dentist right away. Trauma to the tooth can cause fractures or cracks, broken edges movement of teeth or complete loss of tooth from the socket. Sometimes the damage is not visible to the naked eye. A professional evaluation should be made.

Endodontic Surgery

For those teeth that cannot be routinely retreated, we offer the possibity of treating the teeth with a minor endodontic surgical procedure. It is known as an apicoectomy. The end of the root that is having a problem is shaved off and a filling is placed.

CBCT (focused cone beam)

Planning and diagnosis have another aid with the advent of Cone Beam Technology which gives a picture of the tooth in 3D. With our Kodak 3D CBCT, we are able to diagnose abnormalities in hard and soft structure in the mouth, the morphology of the teeth in question and where to place implants.




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